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What is the likelyhood of being ‘got’ by YouTube? I mean, everyone likes to google their own name and see what happens… I googled my name ‘Ben Collison’ and found myself on the Lancashire Evening Post Website. Other results brought up my website and others still made me out to be a t-shirt designer from San Francisco, a pro golfer from Marshalltown and I even found my name under the Coventry’s Criminal Past Book. I might be wrong but there may be more than one Ben Collison on this earth!!!

But videos are a little more worrying!!! I had been sent another ‘hillarious’ video on YouTube from a friend and decided to start searching for friends and family – the results were worrying!!! There I was playing golf BADLY last year in Mouans Sartoux and then again playing drums, aged 17 in a marqué in Preston.

I do have to say my old friend Dave singing Parklife was one of the highlights of that evening, even though I was wearing a dreadful waistcoat and had greasy curtained hair!!! I still don’t know who posted the video!!!

My two brothers were to blame for this one – and YES, it WAS a practice swing!!!!

So beware, with todays technology and people going camera mad you could find yourself listed on google, have your photo on myspace or even have your worst moments highlighted on YouTube….