Straightforward . Creative . Thinking

Welcome to 2017 with all its gifts, surprises and fun to be had.  After the eating, drinking and general rushing about of the last few weeks, January always seems to be a depressing month, with complaints over diets, discussions over resolutions and panicking of what might happen this year.

So the team at Pure Design have decided to cheer everyone up with some positive, happy news and love.

  1. We are giving away some free stuff again!  Check out the article here
  2. For the third year running, we’ve decided to keep our rates and prices the same – from hosting to studio time, our prices aren’t changing.  We are even offering up to 20% off some of our print products.
  3. We’re Greener than ever – after our commitment in 2009 to reducing our ecological impact we are now sourcing products from only green partners.

From a studio point of view, we’re working with Chocolatiers, DJs and Luxury Events companies so there is a lot to smile about in 2017.

All the best for the year ahead

Ben Collison