September 12, 2017
Supporting Mimosa in the Nice – Cannes Marathon

Pure Design are proud to support of Mimosa Matters – a local community against cancer based here on the French Riviera.  And you can too by joining us in the Nice – Cannes Marathon with the Mimosa Runners.

Mimosa – an association raising funds in the fight against Cancer on the French Riviera, are recruiting runners to take part in the Nice – Cannes Marathon on 5th November 2017.

For the last two years, Mimosa, run by a small group of expat female volunteers have managed to recruit, motivate and train over 200 people annually to take part in the magnificent Nice – Cannes Marathon, culminating in over 45,000 euro being raised for the local chapter of La Ligue contre le Cancer and helping countless number of people in the region and their battle with Cancer.

Not only have Mimosa been able to raise significant sums of money for charity and generated a huge awareness around the fight against Cancer but they have also amassed one of the largest representation taking part in this Marathon and importantly created a health movement amongst their supporters in the region.

The Mimosa Runners slogan, “Run with your heart not with your legs” has struck a cord with many who, prior to signing up with Mimosa, did not even own a pair of trainers. The Nice – Cannes Marathon is accessible to all levels of abilities: from full, to half with a friend or even sharing one of the 6 legs that make up the relay Marathon, from 3 km to 10 km.

“By signing up to this event with Mimosa Runners, you will be joining a team of like minded, encouraging and fun individuals. We provide you with all the training, motivation and support as well as manage all the pesky admin too! It’s a great way to get fit and get involved with the local community, all for a very worthy cause”, says Ruth Jiggins, one of the organisers and a member of Mimosa.

The majority of the runners taking part are from the  local community; however, the team have managed to recruit and fly in family and friends from as far a field as Australia, Hong Kong and Canada to take part in the Marathon, therefore, making the Mimosa Runners team the most internationally representative group taking part in the Nice – Cannes Marathon.

“This event is very much inspired by community involvement, benevolence and some very big hearted organisations and individuals” adds Sara Parks, another Mimosa member.

“Every year we have been astounded by the outpouring of funding and support. Many of our sponsors have been with us from the beginning, sharing in this movement and celebrating our successes with us. Wretman Estate Agency, is a founding sponsor, alongside Ma Nolan’s who generously give us their premises in Cannes every year for our famous “Mimosa Runners after party”, while Pure Design International create all our marketing material and the Sports Team at Mougins School plan and execute the training schedules. We are delighted to welcome this year to the Mimosa Runners family, Riviera Radio, who will help us spread the Mimosa word across the South of France”, concludes Sara.

To date, the funds raised by Mimosa have gone to the opening of a non medicated drop-in clinic for Cancer patients in Antibes, L’Espace Ligue, where they can avail of free holistic treatments, advice, support as well as practical assistance, all for free. Mimosa are also working alongside La Ligue contre le Cancer on a multimedia Cancer prevention and awareness campaign.

The Nice – Cannes Marathon is unquestionably one of the most spectacular events in the world, with the amazing views, 42 km of glorious Mediterranean coastline and the fabulous atmosphere along the route. This year promises to be even more exciting as the Marathon celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Mimosa Runners would like to break all their records this year in terms of number of runners taking part and funds raised. You can sign up to take part in this fun filled event by using the signup form to the right.


Mimosa was set up as a “kitchen table” association by a small team of expat ladies who all volunteer their time and skills by organising events along the Cote d’Azur for the last few years to help raise much needed funds for local cancer charities. The “Mimosa Runners” is one of a number of annual events hosted by this Association. The funds from this year’s Marathon will go to continue the support of La Ligue contre le Cancer and the wonderful work that they do in the Alpes Maritimes Region.

For further information on the Mimosa Runners, please contact Juliette Clarkin : or 0672162447.

Run With Your Heart, Not With Your Legs

Signup Here to Run

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