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A Marathon of a Day

So its been over a week now since I took part in the Nice – Cannes 2018 Marathon and even though I only had a small share in such a massive event, my legs are STILL hurting – I have to put this down to over 40’s creative minded laziness…. the fact that apart from the odd game of football on a Monday, my body is still in shock for having stepped foot anywhere near a marathon.

The Mimosa teams were awesome with the Irish team (made up of 2 Irish, an Aussi, 2 Czechs and a Brit) running a great marathon.  Personally speaking, I ran 5 minutes faster than any of my training runs…. hence the sore legs….

But the most important point is the fact that we raised the 15,000€ hoped for !

I’d like to thank all of the clients and friends who sponsored me and Pure Design:
– Home-Hunts
– Kentingtons
– FineWineWorks
– Cannes Rent
– GalleaRoy
– Jackie Pressman
– my lovely little sister
– my dear mother-in-law

It was a wonderful day and even more so for the fine Guinness and food at Ma Nolans…..