November 13, 2017
A Marathon of a Day

A Marathon of a Day

So its been over a week now since I took part in the Nice – Cannes 2018 Marathon and even though I only had a small share in such a massive event, my legs are STILL hurting – I have to put this down to over 40’s creative minded laziness…. the fact that apart from the odd game of football on a Monday, my body is still in shock for having stepped foot anywhere near a marathon.

The Mimosa teams were awesome with the Irish team (made up of 2 Irish, an Aussi, 2 Czechs and a Brit) running a great marathon.  Personally speaking, I ran 5 minutes faster than any of my training runs…. hence the sore legs….

But the most important point is the fact that we raised the 15,000€ hoped for !

I’d like to thank all of the clients and friends who sponsored me and Pure Design:
– Home-Hunts
– Kentingtons
– FineWineWorks
– Cannes Rent
– GalleaRoy
– Jackie Pressman
– my lovely little sister
– my dear mother-in-law

It was a wonderful day and even more so for the fine Guinness and food at Ma Nolans…..



What’s New ?

Pure Design are an english speaking design agency and printers based near Cannes.  We have over 20 years of experience in design, branding, development and printing and manage clients coming to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & St Tropez.


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