Straightforward . Creative . Thinking

Ben CollisonSo here we are 7 days into 2009.  We closed our doors over Xmas and New Year and enjoyed a nice relaxing time back in Preston in the UK with the family.  I managed to get through all my “to do’s” from my list this time: – drinking locally brewed beer, playing the drums in a band, organising a treasure hunt for several under 8s, taking my dad on the football and not getting ill!!!!

Back to France on the 8th and ‘BANG’ – ill!!!!!  Sounds like everyone has had it, has it or will get it – seems like 2009 is welcoming everyone with ‘les bronchites’!!!

Work has been kind – several website proposals have come to fruition and end of January deadlines are looking ‘do-able’.  We’ve had half a dozen new enquiries, everything from print, branding and eCommerce sites.  I’ve even helped a friend of mine set up his own design company over in Le Tignet.  Full of enthusiasm and talent, I’m sure he’ll be a success!!!

So, I’m sorry I’ve not followed the hoards and sent out a generic ‘Happy New Year’ card – I thought I’d just write a few words here in the rambling corner of Pure Design and wish you all a successful year (even with the newspapers trying to scare us silly with stories of woe and suffering).

All the best!