January 21, 2011
Pure Design Voted 3rd Best Web Design Agency in France

The power of Google Alerts!

The latest one to pop up on Pure Design’s RSS radar came in from TopSEOs.com – an “Independent Authority on Search Vendors”.

The article is entitled ‘France Top Seos.com Unveils the Best Web-Design Firms in France for January’ and places Pure Design in a proud 3rd position!

Well done me…. or is it just a load of nonsense? Not one to put down this ‘Independent Authority‘ I did a little digging…

Another page takes you to the Leader Board – the crème de la crème!!! And there we are, 3rd position rosette and all!!! I was a little surprised to read we employed between 26 and 50 people – imagine the french social charges on that!!! And even MORE surprised to see we have a revenue of between $3m-$5m – wow, we ARE doing well!!!

We DO actually have more active clients than stated and have a higher retention rate than 86% – suppose they can’t get everything correct. And nice to see we secured the contract of Sotheby’s International Realty – maybe thats where the $3m came from!!!

All in all we’re very pleased with ourselves at Pure Design, all 35 of us, as we drive home in our Ferrari’s – job done i say!

We were a little niggled to be pipped to top spot by Siteweb65 who from there 20 out of 20 marks all round were untouchable and second placed Sarah Berry, who when googled, was an actress from Evil Dead 2….

But who can moan about 3rd place – its in the medals and the only way is up.

On a more serious note I encourage anyone looking for a website design company in france not to go off websites such as these but to check case studies, check out the company portfolio and above all check the customer feedback.

Note: Pure Design do not run the Sotheby’s International Realty account but several of their franchisees.

What’s New ?

Pure Design are an english speaking design agency and printers based near Cannes.  We have over 20 years of experience in design, branding, development and printing and manage clients coming to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & St Tropez.


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