October 21, 2007
How much should a web site cost?

Web Design
Trying to determine how much you should pay for a website is one of the most difficult topics for a web designer to explain. How much a website SHOULD cost and how much a website DOES cost is also open to debate. The price for a web site has dramatically dropped over the last 10 years by around 50% due the increase in number of web design companies and the emergence of new tools making web design more accessible to the non-trained designer.

Determining the appropriate cost for a new web site or for the cost of a re-design needs to take into consideration other factors:
– Domain name registration
– Hosting
– Design and development time
– Site maintenance

We have put together a few basic package guidelines for you to take into account when deciding on the best website campaign for you and your company.

Individual / Small Business web site cost:
5 to 15 web pages
Customised graphics & photos
Web site cost range: €500 to €1,500

Medium Business web site cost:
10 to 25 web pages
Customised graphics & photos
Little flash work
Web forms
Web site cost range: €2,000 to €6,000

Corporate (25 or more employees) web site cost:
25 to 75 web pages
Use of flash
All web pages individually styled and designed
CMS – Content management system
Web site cost range: €6,000 to €25,000

Ecommerce web site cost:
50 to 1500 products
Shopping cart
Payment gateway integration
Product descriptions and images
Sales tax and shipping calculation
Customer and administrative control panel
Web site cost range: €5,000 to €15,000

Database driven web site:
Dynamic web pages 20 to 2,000
Administrative control panel for web site management
Advanced programming
Interactivity with web site visitor
Database requirements
Web site cost range: €3,000 to €35,000

As you can see, the cost of a website changes according to the features required.

Your website is the perfect way for you to introduce your company to clients and visitors. Take this into consideration when choosing your web design company. Ask for samples of work, ask for recommendations, look through portfolios and ask yourself how much your website means to your business and what you would be willing to spend.

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