October 9, 2007
English Food Stores in the South of France

Ben Collison, owner of Pure Design InternationalEnglish food, in France?  How VERY dare you!!! The thought of moving family, friends, cats, dogs, jobs and all the junk you have accumulated over the years to go and start a new life in France may seem daunting…. but the rewards of sunshine, blue skies, fine wines and provencal food make up for all that worry and stress…. baguettes, pates, cheeses, hams and fresh salads…. just the mention of french food is enough to start your tummy rumbling!!!So why do people make all this effort to move to France just to go and eat English food? This question was put to me by a friend who has a house in France, and visits twice a year….. and she was ironically the answer to her own question!!!For some reason, my friends and family still in the UK tend to think we just sit around all day, munching on baguettes and sipping chilled Provence Rosé….I did that for the first 3 months in France and then realised I had put on over half a stone and struggled in a 25 minute match of football.

So English Food Stores are set up to take advantage of these weak moments you have! Bacon butties, digestive biscuits, vimto, meat and potato pies, horseradish, fish and chips….a decent pint of beer…..I know, I know…. its not exactly ‘slimfast food’ but every so often, as a full blooded englishman, an english food trip is needed and a lazy sunday morning fry-up organised!!!!

For your local English food stores on the French Riviera:
Geoffreys of London
Brittains Home Stores

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