April 14, 2015
Supporting our local cancer charity at The Mimosa Ball


Pure Design are delighted to be a key partner in a very special occasion this Friday evening at the Royal Mougins Golf Club  – The 2015 Mimosa Ball. 

In aid of “La Ligue Contre le Cancer” (The National League against Cancer), The Mimosa Committee was setup in 2007 by some very brave and generous ladies.

The charity is dedicated to helping patients and their loved ones. In the centre, professionals and volunteers offer their services every day in order to help patients during and after their treatment in their daily life.

This Friday, the 17th April, the Mimosa Ball is raising money to help finance a second Espace Ligue in Antibes and Pure Design have been the key partner in design and print. With prizes such as :

• Private Jet Luxury Get-Away for two in the Wine Heartland of France
• One year’s membership to Royal Mougins Golf Resort
• Own a work of art and sculpture by acclaimed artist, Carole Pavio

As well as signed Juventus shirts, 3 night stay in Prince Charles’ retreat in Transylvania, lunch at 3 of the leading michelin starred restaurants on the Riviera….and much, much more!

The evening is bound to be a huge success. All the very best to Emma Nyman, Juliette Clarkin, Anissa Perkins, Ellie Goblet d’Alviella, Marilen Kenington, Gemma Bishop, Sara Parks, Sophie James and the rest of the sponsors and generous donators for the ball.

A few comments from the team:

“Thank you thank you thank you.  What you have done for us is beyond amazing.  You really are wonderful to help us so much.”

“I am really speechless. It all looks so fantastic.”

“Oh my goodness Juliette it looks absolutely amazing, it’s a work of art!!! Well done. Ben is extraordinarily generous to have given such a chunk of his time to this….hope he gets a lie in today!!!”

“This is phenomenal. A huge thank you to Ben for his extraordinary effort and amazing talent – this looks just Fantastic. We are so lucky to have Ben not just helping us but working tirelessly on it. Fabulous.”


What’s New ?

Pure Design are an english speaking design agency and printers based near Cannes.  We have over 20 years of experience in design, branding, development and printing and manage clients coming to Monaco, Nice, Cannes & St Tropez.


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