November 26, 2010
10 Best Viral Videos of All-Time

Viral videos have been going round the internet for years and with the creation of YouTube, they’ve become a part of culture, garnering up to hundreds of millions of views and turning everyday people into stars. Here are 10 of the most successful viral videos of all-time.

“Charlie Bit My Finger”
“Charlie Bit My Finger” has garnered more than 221 million views since it first appeared on YouTube in 2007.

“HaHaHa” (Laughing Baby)
There’s nothing quite as amusing as baby’s laugh and this baby has attracted more than 130 million views since the video was uploaded in 2006, making it by far the favorite laughing baby video on the internet.

“Numa Numa”
Gary Brolsma earned his internet fame by performing the “Numa Numa Dance,” which was released in December of 2004 and enthusiastically lip-syncing and dancing to Dragostea din tei by O-Zone.

“Evolution of Dance”
The video ranks in the top 10 in many of the site’s categories; it’s the first most favorited video of all-time.

“Don’t Tase Me, Bro”
Andrew Meyer became an overnight internet sensation after he was “tased” for disrupting Senator John Kerry’s appearance at a Constitution Day forum at the University of Florida.

“I Dreamed a Dream”
Susan Boyle’s awe-inspiring performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” thrust the homely 48-year-old Scottish woman into international music superstardom.

“Here It Goes Again”
“Here It Goes Again” gained more than one million views less than a week after it was uploaded onto YouTube.

“Star Wars Kid”
The “Star Wars Kid” video is the oldest viral video on the list and one of two that didn’t initially gain fame on YouTube, first appearing on the internet in 2003.

“Leave Britney Alone”
The video is among the top 10 most discussed videos on YouTube of all-time, generating more than 500,000 comments.

“Chocolate Rain”
If you don’t know why Tay Zonday moves away from the mic, then you missed out on one of the hottest viral videos during the spring and summer of 2007.

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