Kristina Strobel

Kristina is a London based photographer specialising in mega yachts, lifestyle and travel.


To take the stunning photography that Kristina takes and present it in a printed format by designing a boutique brochure.

Areas Covered

  • Creative Design
  • Pre-press


Kristina had a beautifully presented black pocket brochure designed and printed, with gold foiling…. but to be honest, her photography was so beautiful, it spoke for itself…

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Client’s thoughts

image descriptionPure Design is “THE” cutting edge design company in the area. A team of creative individuals with their finger on the pulse, Pure Design researches the latest technology and provides the best services available for your project. Whether it be web design, advertising or printed materials, they deliver a high quality product time and time again.
Kristina Strobel . Photographer . KSP